Sunday, 30 March 2014

Download Xerox Phaser 3160 Printer Driver

Fuji Xerox Phaser 3160N :

It's a relatively nice little laser printer, but one problem is I can never do double-sided printing without it stuffing up the paper feed. To print double sided, you have to wait for the printer to print every alternate page on one side, then you take the pile and turn them over and place back into the paper tray. The trouble begins when it starts to print the second side of each page. If I'm printing a lot of pages, say 30-40, hence the desire to print 2-sided to give half that number, the printer will inevitably at some point take up more than one sheet and spit 3-4 or more sheets out at the same time, and mess up the sequence, leaving me with a bunch of one-sided prints and what should have been the 2nd side coming out out of sync, causing a complete printing stuff-up.

Xerox Phaser 3160 Driver 
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